Here, you will find links to our favorite articles about training, diet, injuries, natural running and more. Enjoy!  

Dr. Phil Maffetone’s Recommendations

Dr. Phil Maffetone reflected on the start of 2019 with his list of his favorite articles from 2018. Click here for his list.


How To Treat Your Plantar Fasciitis Naturally

Two of our favorite running gurus, Dr. Phil Maffetone and Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, joined forces to create a comprehensive, yet easy to read, guide on treating and preventing Plantar Fasciitis.  Download FREE E-Book  

Natural Running

The Principles of Natural Running (Video)

We love this 8 minute video by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella! He shares very valuable advice on natural running that will help you improve your running form and efficiency. His video has surpassed 1 million views and after watching, you will see why.  Watch the video… and then watch it again, and again until you can quote him. Watch Video.

Natural Running Form

Learn all about proper running form with Dr. Mark’s awesome natural running guide! He provides diagrams and charts along with technical language to make the information extensive yet easy to understand for all runners. Open the Guide.  


Protein Check

Dr. Phil Maffetone is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition. He wrote this article to emphasize the importance of sufficient protein consumption for all people- not just runners. Read it here.

Six Tips to Reducing Inflammation Without Drugs

The seemingly endless battle with inflammation is all too common, but Dr. Phil Maffetone’s guide to reducing inflammation is a great resource for fighting back. Learn More.


Be Injury Free!

Learn what it takes run injury free with Dr. Mark’s extensive guide of injury free running. He provides a long list of simple concepts and techniques so read it over, and adapt it to find what works for you! Be Injury Free!

Drills to Reinforce Movement Patterns

Drills are a very effective way to improve your running form, strength and spring! Don’t neglect this very crucial part of training. Show Me the Drills.