Stretch Easy

Running shouldn’t hurt! Stretch Easy is a business started by Cleveland Running Company employee and Shaker Heights HS senior, Zak Reape. Zak builds, paints, and sells calf stretchers that provide you with the perfect stretch, every time. He sells two different angles; 25 and 45. Stretch Easys are available in the store. For more information, Click here to visit the Stretch Easy website-

The 45 degree angle calf stretcher

The 45 degree calf stretcher will give you a stretch unlike you have ever felt before. Using a calf stretcher is better than using a wall to stretch because the calf stretcher supports your foot so that you can shift your weight forward to enhance your calf stretch (you WILL feel the difference!). It provides pain relief for injuries like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, and other lower leg injuries. Regardless of where your leg injury is located, it is important to keep your calves stretched out since leg muscles are connected and your calves take a significant amount of stress. The 45 degree angle calf stretcher is very effective at relieving pain for an existing injury… but it should be used with caution because overuse can cause overstretching. If you aren’t currently recovering from an injury, check out the 25 degree angle stretcher below; it helps prevent oversterching!

The 25 degree angle calf stretcher

Think of your leg muscles as a rubber band. If they are too tight, you won’t get a full range of motion, and if they are too loose, it will throw off your form. The 25 degree stretcher is designed to find the perfect balance between the two. If used everyday for about 3 minutes at a time, your calves will stay stretched out without overstretching (your running form will thank you!).  Zak recommends placing your Stretch Easy in your room or by the door so you always have easy access to it. Plus, the hand painted silhouette on the top of the stretcher serves as a reminder to always stay stretched out!

In conclusion: the 45 degree angle stretcher is ideal for recovering from an injury while the 25 degree angle stretcher helps prevent lower leg injurues by keeping you stretched out without overstretching.

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